Media Coverage

27 March,  2024

Our Multiparticle Quantum Plasmonic Experiment was Highlighted in Nature Physics News and Views!

Thanks to Prof. Wubs for the very nice Highlights!

20 March,  2024

Omar was interviewed by the New Orleans Public Radio to talk about the group's Nature Physics article:

20 July,  2022

Highlights of our recent quantum imaging paper.

29 June,  2022

Highlights of our recent quantum sensing paper.

25 February,  2022

Our group member Michelle Lollie talks with LSU president William F. Tate IV!


27 August,  2021

Our Quantum Plasmonic Experiment Highlighted in Nature Physics News and Views!

Thanks to Prof. Tame for the very nice summary!

22 March,  2021

U.S. Army DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory featured (with Video) our work, published on Advanced Quantum Technologies, in their news update!!!

Play the video!!!

27 February, 2021

Designing the Best Possible Solar Cell, by MacGyvering a Bit of Quantum Supremacy

1 October, 2020

"Omar in Physics Today".

27 Septiembre, 2018

Press release about Fotones gemelos

5 November, 2019

Chenglong You shares his thoughts on the impact of advisors for the Optical Society of America.

27 October, 2018

LSU College of Science News, "LSU Physicist Designs Tool to Decode Light Particles". 

Our publication on object identification was featured on cover page of Nature - Light: Science & Applications (July 2017).

Here the Story of our work on Exotic Trajectories of Light (2017).

Our research on HB&T interferometry with twisted light appeared in the Cover page of Science Advances (2016). 

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