Team Members

Team Members

Assistant Professor of Physics - Louisiana State University

Ph.D., 2016 - University of Rochester

(225) 578-5851-Office

maganaloaiza at

Postdoctoral Researcher

cyou2 at

Mingyuan Hong

Graduate Student

mhong2 at

Fatemeh Mostafavikhatam

Graduate Student

fmosta1 at

Nathan Miller

Graduate Student

nmill49 at

Josh Fabre

Undergraduate Student

jfabre9 at

Former Team Members

PhD Thesis

"Smart Quantum Technologies using Photons"

nbhusa1 at

Now TD Engineer at Intel Corporation

Michelle Lollie, PhD

PhD Thesis

"Advanced Communication and Sensing Protocols Using Twisted Light and Engineered Quantum Statistics"

mlollie5 at

First Black woman graduating from our Physics Department!

Now Advanced Laser Scientist at Quantinuum

Chao Dong

Undergraduate Visiting Student from Lanzhou University.

Now graduate student at the University of Notre Dame.

ydongc618 at

Aidan Lambert

Undergraduate Student - Louisiana State University

alamb43 at