Multiparticle Quantum Plasmonics: We are developing new platforms to control multiphoton quantum processes using optical near-field effects. We achieve an exquisite level of control through novel light-matter interactions that have not been accounted for in traditional quantum optics. Our experimental protocols offer the possibility of suppressing decoherence in multiphoton systems through the manipulation of dissipative quantum near-fields. We are using simple metallic nanostructures, such as slits and gratings to build complex multiphoton networks. These photonic nanostructures allow us to control multiphoton quantum dynamics through the manipulation of multiphoton interference and scattering processes. We are interested in the potential of dissipative quantum near-fields to control trajectories of multiphoton wavepackets, decoherence, and multiphoton scattering in photonic networks. The control of quantum systems at this fundamental level enable us to use photonic networks to demonstrate classical-to-quantum transitions in the propagation dynamics of photons.